VA - Techno 2011 Volume 1

Armada Music, it’s all about diversity. Though we serve a great deal of trance and tracks, we’ve also got the techno-sound filling our A&R manager’s office. Sturdy tech-house and deep techno beats can be found on ‘’, with 10 vital techno tracks, from the hands of Remy, Blake Jarrell, William A, Simon & Shaker, Francis Preve and more.

  1. Umek & Beltek - Is It? (Original Mix) (05:48)
  2. Simon & Shaker - NaCo (Original Mix) (09:24)
  3. Gerry Menu - Smaq (Original Mix) (08:13)
  4. Roland Klinkenberg - What's The Point? (Original Mix) (07:55)
  5. Francis Preve - Jetsam (Original Mix) (06:51)
  6. William A - Tall Glass (Original Mix) (06:25)
  7. Blake Jarrell feat. Thrasher - Hosoi (Original Mix) (08:57)
  8. Kris Benton - Brummel (Original Mix) (05:41)
  9. DJ Remy - Crackdown (Original Mix) (07:58)
  10. David Forbes Meets Michael Paterson - Teknika (Original Mix) (07:17)


Tresor 13 June 2009 KLUBNACHT
Facts: Samstag, 13.06.09, Open 00:00 Uhr, 2 Floors
Tags: Deep - Techno - House

Kris Menace, Boris Brejcha, Kris Benton, Olav Hentrich
Phase DJs, Marcel Heese, T.a.G.

Kris Benton - Schnaubdreher EP on Baroque Limited
German djproducer Kris Benton, kicks back into gear with this new releases for Baroque.. as a regular at German underground legand Tresor club, Kris has been finely tuning his sound, and the two track ep in front of you is the result of his hard work. wicked thumpin beats, with uber cool understated rising melodies. Massive

Tags: Deep - Prog - Tech - Synth - House - Massive

A: Schnaubdreher
B: Brummel

12" Vinyl and Digital Download
Phunkit 11.04.2009 im Tresor
Facts: Samstag, 11.04.09, Open 23:00 Uhr, 2 Floors
Tags: Deep - Disco - Tech - Synth - House

Lineup: Justus Köhncke, Lifelike, Kris Benton, Hawkinson, George Soliis, SL Jung

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Adventure Circus Club 14.02.2009 im Tresor
Facts: Samstag, 14.02.09, Open 23:00 Uhr, 2 Floors, Tresor Berlin, Köpenicker Str. 70, Berlin Mitte, U-Bhf Heinrich Heine Straße, S-Bhf Jannowitzbrücke
Lineup: Einzelkind, Ante Perry, Solee, Cath..N..Dan, Kris Benton, Haito, Takt Tick, Digitalex, Felix Würz & Björn Larsen, JubiLee

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Abletonworkshop 06.12.2008
Abletonuser der ersten Stunden und Elektro House Music Producer Christian Steinmüller, wird neben den Grundlagen und der Vermittlung weiterführender Tipps & Tricks vor allem auch individuelle Ratschläge und Hilfestellungen zur Arbeit mit Samples, den internen Effekten und Instrumenten sowie zu den unterschiedlichen Konzepten der Sessionview
und des Arrangermodus geben.

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Kris Benton Tracks Mix


This mix contains all personal favorites of my productions.

01. Kris Benton - Moments
02. Kris Benton - Delicious(Retrotek RMX)
03. Kris Benton - Snapshot
04. Kris Benton - Brummel
05. Washing Ma Jazzz - Washing Ma Daft (Kris Benton RMX)
06. Kris Benton - Supacutz
07. Kris Benton - Lichtblitz
08. Kris Benton - Pulsive
09. Kris Benton - On The Run
10. Kris Benton - Deeply Moved
11. Kris Benton - Schnaubdreher
12. Kris Benton - Kniffelknopf

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We Are Punks 2 - 27.09.2008

Date: 27. September 2008
Name: Datapunk-Night 2
Location: Tresor Berlin Köpenicker Str. 59/73

Line up: Anthony Rother, Andreas Henneberg, Frank Kusserow, Léonard de Léonard, Kris Benton, Hawkinson, Jubilee, Takt Tick und Felix Würz


Kris Benton - Da Shake, Out Now

Fine deep house stuff with emotive synth and delicious voccut! This is quality retro deepness from German producer Kris Benton, who's been making a name of himself with recent releases and remixes on BAROQUE (UK), Next Essence (Holland) and Queep(Ireland).

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The Flash Brothers - Elements

baroque records are excited and proud to present the third release in this unique series , from Israeli production & dj outfit. The Flash Brothers!

This package also includes a second disc , with all the full versions So sit back and enjoy the flash brothers in full flow.. or road test these cuts in your sets with the unmixed dj friendly 2nd disc…

cdone – mixed by The Flash Brothers
cdtwo – unmixed – dj friendly

Kris Benton - Final Race (Flash Brothers remix)
Dirty Dot - Heart of pain (Flash Brothers remix)
Torro Remote - Hi Res (Flash Brothers remix)
Thomas Sagstad - Castillian (Flash Brothers remix)
Thomas Langner - One (Flash Brothers remix)
Maxie Devine & Veerus - Automatik (Flash Brothers remix)
Def Disco - Solpadine (Flash Brothers remix)
David Shaw - Digital prostitute (Flash Brothers remix)
Medway & Sven Hauck - Division (Flash Brothers remix)
Soliquid - Defibrillator (Flash Brothers remix)


The first 2008 volume of our most popular compilation series, and as ever its blend of regulars & new faces that bump this uplifting & melodic electro house album right up there.

01. JACKINDABOX - Your Dominatrix (Original Mix)
02. KIDLAND Feat MIKE SUH - Weekender (A.C.K. & Simon Point Remix)
03. JACKINDABOX - Feeling Naughty (Original Mix)
04. WASHING MAJAZZZ - Wow (Yud Kei Remix)
05. ROSS & BUDDY Feat NAT LEONARD - Why (Jackindabox Dirty Vocal)
06. KID HANDSOME - Addict (Original Mix)
07. AXIUM - Dubya (Washing MaJazzz Remix)
08. INSANEMAN - Kvas (Original Mix)
09. KRIS BENTON - Pulsive (Original Mix)
10. JACKINDABOX - Shut Down The System (Washing MaJazzz Remix)


Washing MaJazzz - Washing Ma Daft (Kris Benton Remix)
My first remix for SHABUUM is on the WMJ lads "Washing Ma Daft" tune, and he manages to keep the emotion of the original intact!
Ross & Buddy ft Nat Leonard - Why - Kris Benton remix
Ross & Buddy ft Nat Leonard - Why - Kris Benton remix

"WHY" promos will be on DjDownload & Ministry Of Sound on June 13th. Full release July 11th
Kris Benton - The Callenge EP on Queep Organic House
Releasedate QOH050: 29.04.2008
Label: Queep Organic House
Tags: Deep - Progessive - Crisp - Synth - House

3 crisp progressive house cutz with emotive synth action over purposeful beats.

01. Lichtblitz
02. Snapshot
03. Pulsive
Live 08.03.08 Tresor Berlin
Date: 08.03.2008
Location: Tresor Berlin Köpenicker Str. 59/73

Line up: SONO DJ Team on Vox, Technasia, Secret Cinema, Kris Benton, Hawkinson, Felix Würz, Giovanni Moscatello, Takt-Tick, Jubilee, pozor!, Deph
Kris Benton - On The Run EP on Next Essence Experiments

Releasedate everywhere: 03.03.2008
Label: Next Essence Experiments
Tags: Deep - Disco - House - Tech

01.On the Run
02.Deeply Moved
04.When We Love

Live 16.02.08 Centrum Berlin
Date: 16.02.2008
Name: Ich Rocke
Location: Centrum Berlin Alexanderstr.7 (EX Sternradio)

Line up: Jake the Rapper, Kris Benton, Hawkinson, Giovanni Moscatello, Felix Würz, Jubilee, Takt Tick, POZOR!
Bilder vom 01.12.07 Tresor Berlin
Date: 01.12.2007
Name: 12 years Partysan
Location: Tresor Berlin Köpenicker Str. 59/73

Bild 001
Bild 002
Bild 003
Bild 004

Live 01.12.07 Tresor Berlin
Date: 01.12.2007
Name: 12 years Partysan
Location: Tresor Berlin Köpenicker Str. 59/73

Line up: Nathan Fake, Märtini Brös., Dapayk, Malente, Kris Benton, Hawkinson, Felix Würz, heinrichs&hirtenfellner, Grinser, Giovanni Moscatello
and a good many others
Kris Benton - Final Race EP on Baroque Digital

Kris Benton - Final Race EP on Baroque Digital available on CD and Digital Download.

01. Final Race (Original Mix)
02. Final Race (No Drums)

We Are Punks 29.09.07 Tresor Berlin
Date: 29. September 2007
Name: we are punks ? Datapunk-Night
Location: Tresor Berlin Köpenicker Str. 59/73

Batterieraum: Anthony Rother, Xenia Beliayevy, Frank Kusserow, Kris Benton(ca. 1:00 Uhr)
Tresor:Recyver Dogs, Jubilee, Felix Würz, Pozor!
Kris Benton "TUBE EP"
Kris Benton Tube EP on next essence experiments:
My Mom says: TUBE IS AWESOME !!

04.Victory Lap

Sonica Radio Ibiza 95.2 fm Mix Sessions

Kris Benton Mix Session on the Radiostation Ibiza Sonica 95.2fm. So have fun with great music.

16.04. - 22:00 - 23:00
21.04. - 23:00 - 00:00

I-Tunes or Realplayer

12“ Debut EP "Jumping Bob" on Next Essence

The Debut EP "Jumping Bob" from Kris Benton will be released on Next Essence 23.10.2006. Following four house tracks with the distinctive bentonstyle will be made available: Jumping Bob, Yeah, Delicious
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Kris Benton Shirts Available

Finally I've managed to create a nice shirt motif for you. It's like the spitting image of myself...There will be some more stuff soon. So, boys and girls, go this way to the Kris Benton Shop:
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Phonky 01 Free Music Samples

Phonky 01 contains a package of 62 bass sounds and 13 house music loops in studio quality .wav format. The files are produced by myself and the
samples are free for private and commercial use in your music- and multimedia-productions...

Da Mixed Electronic Music

On December 11th '04 Kris Benton is mixing his
own music together with other artists tracks in a
Club in his hometown Templin (17268). He uses
the the often praised Ableton Live for that.
You have to expect a musical style very close to
remixing. Every part of the set remains unique,
because of the flexible structure and the influence
of the people and the vibe on that special night.

The party is invitation-only, so if you're intested in
joining us, please let me know, leave your email-
address and I'll get back to you.